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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 8:00 AM | Leslie Hinchman (Administrator)


AFFINITY:  a spontaneous or natural liking for something

Join other MAGG METALHEADS as we work on unfinished projects and begin new ones; inspire and learn from each other; and just have fun!  Think 'metalsmithing book club', without the books, but with good conversation and camaraderie.

If there is a 5-day workshop, Metalheads will meet the following Friday.

Open Studio will be occurring at the same time for members who wish to work in the studio.  This is an opportunity for those who wish to work together to have a regular studio time to do so.  The cost is the same as Open Studio, $5 per hour.

All are welcome.  You can be certified immediately and enjoy use of the Studio equipment and the camaraderie of fellow artists sharing their creative energies.

We promise you a MAGGnificent time!! 

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