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  • Tuesday, May 01, 2018 12:15 AM | Leslie Hinchman (Administrator)




    Open studio is $5 an hour.  For the convenience of the monitors, if no one is there by 45 minutes before closing, the monitors will close the building and leave.  So plan to arrive before the last hour.

    For May schedule click here.  Questions, contact Martha Fitzmier,

    What’s available:  The studio is fully equipped.  Polishing lathes, dapping tools, disk cutters, drill presses, belt sander, grinder, vises, rolling mills, torches, bending brake, electric hydraulic press, pickle equipment, several stakes, ring bracelet mandrel, shear, draw bench and a beehive kiln are available for general use.  The use of kilns and casting equipment is restricted to workshop participants only.  

    When can we go play? We will be putting a monthly open studio calendar on our website, in the newsletter and on Facebook. The schedule for each month will change depending on the availability of monitors.  The software to schedule an online calendar is in our budget proposal for 2018. 

    How much will it cost?   You must be a MAGG Member and be certified.  Contact Martha Fitzmier at if you want to arrange a time for certification.  One-time certification is $20, but you also receive 4 free Open Studio hours.  After that, the rate is $5 an hour or part thereof.  (cash, check, or credit card).  The fee is not prorated for partial hours.  Members will sign in and out by recording arrival and departure times.  Monitors will be available to collect money and record time used.

    What’s the hitch?  Members must:

    • bring their own hand tools, opti-visors, rulers, tape, templates, compass, flex shaft accessories, and consumables such as solder, saw blades, sandpaper, oxidizer, etc.
    • wear closed toed shoes
    • tie back long hair
    • have no loose sleeves
    • remove jewelry that can get caught in equipment

    Over 30 of our members have completed the required safety certification program.  COME and enjoy this great member benefit and help build our community.

  • Friday, April 27, 2018 7:49 AM | Leslie Hinchman (Administrator)

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2018 8:00 AM | Leslie Hinchman (Administrator)


    AFFINITY:  a spontaneous or natural liking for something

    Join other MAGG METALHEADS as we work on unfinished projects and begin new ones; inspire and learn from each other; and just have fun!  Think 'metalsmithing book club', without the books, but with good conversation and camaraderie.

    If there is a 5-day workshop, Metalheads will meet the following Friday.

    Open Studio will be occurring at the same time for members who wish to work in the studio.  This is an opportunity for those who wish to work together to have a regular studio time to do so.  The cost is the same as Open Studio, $5 per hour.

    All are welcome.  You can be certified immediately and enjoy use of the Studio equipment and the camaraderie of fellow artists sharing their creative energies.

    We promise you a MAGGnificent time!! 

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